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We need your help to protect one of Maine’s natural treasures and economic resources. The future of our magnificent land and seascape visible from the summit of Bald Rock Mountain in Camden Hills State  Park is at great risk. Gridcom, owned by one of the world’s largest utilities corporations, intends to build a 190-foot cell tower next to the park, sited in the center of the panoramic view from Bald Rock.

Lincolnville’s Planning Board unanimously denied Gridcom/Unicel’s tower application twice. After a thorough review of the town’s ordinance, the Board ruled that the tower would have an “unreasonably adverse impact” on Bald Rock’s scenic viewshed — a “designated scenic resource”— as described in the town’s Comprehensive Plan voted in by Lincolnville residents.

The town’s Board of Appeals recently overturned that ruling and approved the tower by a 2-to-1 vote.
A group of residents is contesting in court the Board of Appeals’ decision and asking that the Planning Board’s denial be reinstated. The group’s goal is to raise $100,000. Your financial support is needed for this effort.

Why do we care and why should you? Bald Rock —with its breathtaking 200-degree panorama of pristine forests cascading down to an island studded bay— offers outstanding recreational and economic benefits to our communities. This family friendly hiking jewel is situated in a state park that draws more than 180,000 annual visitors from Maine and around the world. In fact, more people come to Camden Hills State Park for day hikes than any other state park in Maine.

What makes Camden Hills State Park so popular? According to the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands, it’s the spectacular views. The people enjoying these views also eat, sleep, sail, sightsee, and shop in our communities. This economic impact cannot be overstated.

Accelerated growth places all of Maine at a crossroads. The Brookings Institution’s 2006 report on Maine ’s economic future noted our state is world renowned for “livable communities, stunning scenery, and great recreational opportunities.” The report warned that scattershot development is “slowly degrading key elements of Maine’s vivid and unifying sense of place,” but that “Maine can flourish—if it acts boldly at this critical juncture.” Right now, we need to act boldly for Bald Rock.

Please join us in our effort to protect Bald Rock’s view and timeless beauty.

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Points to Consider

• We support improved cell phone service, but not at the expense of a vital scenic resource and our local economy.

• This proposed cell tower will only improve coverage for Unicel customers along a 4-mile stretch of Rt. 1 south of Lincolnville Beach (and a portion of the Bay). Other areas of Lincolnville and Camden will not benefit.

NEW! (click here) See the engineer's report, there are technological alternatives
to this tower.

• The Camden-Rockport-Lincolnville Chamber of Commerce opposes the location of this tower: “Communities through-out the United States have chosen [alternative technology] to help preserve their natural assets. Maintaining the unspoiled beauty of our region is essential to our visitors, our businesses, and our way of life.”

• When local and tourist related businesses thrive, an ongoing economic benefit ripples through-out the state, supporting businesses of all kinds, from auto shops to banks, farms to furniture stores, health services to graphic design.