Frequently Asked Questions

What’s makes Bald Rock special?
Its awe-inspiring 200° panoramic view. From Bald Rock’s summit you look upon an expansive, pristine forest canopy that sweeps down to an island-studded bay and out to the open ocean. The mountains of Acadia National Park are visible 40 miles to the east. The overall view is exceptionally breathtaking because you’re standing atop one of the highest mountains on the U.S. Atlantic Seaboard.

Who likes to hike to Bald Rock?

Bald Rock Mountain receives its fair share of the annual 180,000 plus visitors to Camden Hills State Park. Families are particularly fond of Bald Rock’s hiking trail because it is rated easy to moderate and takes approximately 2 hours roundtrip. Backpackers, who enjoy camping at two of the shelters near the summit, often comment on the vivid, starry night sky. Fall is an outstanding time of year, not just for admiring the colorful foliage, but also to watch the hawks catch thermal updrafts during their annual migrations. These features, among others, are why more people come to the Park for day hikes than any other state park in Maine.

Is Bald Rock important to our local economy?

Yes. Research indicates that a significantly growing segment of the population searches for high-quality "scenic vistas" and "outdoor recreation," and they are willing to spend money for those purposes. Bald Rock provides more than a sense of well being to our community—it attracts tourists. Approximately 60% of Lincolnville businesses are related to tourism. These businesses rely on and support non-tourist related businesses. This relationship is vital to our sustainable economic health.

Where will the proposed cell tower be located?

On private land next to the park, right in the middle of the view from Bald Rock. We repeat—right in the MIDDLE.

What will the tower look like?

The tower will be a 190’ monopole. We will see approximately 130’ of it above the surrounding treetops (equivalent to a 13-story building sitting on top of the trees). Up to 48 antenna panels will radiate from the top of the tower.

Is the tower very different from the surrounding landscape?

Dramatically so. The surrounding environment is natural and heavily wooded with no visible sign of development (except for a house tucked into the trees and only barely noticeable during leaf-drop). The trees even hide Route 1. In the distance you see the "miniature" Lincolnville Beach village, which adds a touch of coastal New England charm.

Who will benefit from this tower?

Only Unicel customers along a short 4-mile stretch of Rt.1 south of the Beach (and part of the Bay), but NOWHERE ELSE. Both Gridcom (owned by one of the world’s largest utilities corporations) and Unicel hope to profit.

Does Gridcom/Unicel understand the importance of Bald Rock?

The representatives of Gridcom/Unicel argue that the tower will not have much of an impact on the view. Their "Visual Impact Assessment," required by Lincolnville ordinance, was deemed inadequate and ambiguous by the town’s Planning Board. Sadly, Gridcom/Unicel’s representatives admitted that they’ve never been to Bald Rock’s summit to see the view for themselves.

Are there alternatives to tall towers?

Yes. With advancing technology, tall towers are not always necessary. Some alternatives include installing systems on existing utility poles, street signs, and building walls; some are even hidden in trashcans. Sadly, Gridcom/Unicel is not interested in an alternative to the proposed tower.

Hasn't Lincolnville ruled on the tower?

Yes, and they’re still in the process. The Planning Board has denied the tower application repeatedly. They based their well-reasoned decision on several factors listed in the town’s Wireless Communications Ordinance. (This ordinance, by the way, is modeled on the State Planning Office’s recommendations.) The Board determined that the tower would have an "unreasonably adverse impact" on Bald Rock’s scenic viewshed, which Lincolnville officially identifies as a "designated scenic resource." The Board of Appeals, however, voted 2-1 to reverse the Planning Board’s decision. The Board of Appeals based their decision on only one factor. NEW: The Planning Board has finished reviewing the tower application under the town’s Commercial Site Plan Ordinance and has once again denied the cell tower permit.

Are residents suing their own town?

They are NOT suing the town, as the term is commonly understood. They are not seeking compensation for damages, financial or otherwise. They filed an 80B Appeal in Waldo County Superior Court contesting the Board of Appeals’ decision and asking the court to reinstate the Planning Board’s denial under the Wireless Communications Ordinance.

What can I do?

Donate to the cause, attend our special events, shop in our store... pick a project and spread the word.

Bald Rock needs you... We thank you!