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Fundraiser Coming September 26TH 2009!
Bald Rock Community presents
Roy Johnstone and Steve Sharratt 7:00 PM
Bald Rock Community presents musical guests Roy Johnstone and Steve Sharratt from Prince Edward Island. Special guest musicians including Nick Appolonio, Kristen Tescher, Tom Judge, Susan Groce and Will Brown will provide a four fiddle orchestra with a house band that will rattle the rafters.
The performance is a fundraiser for Bald Rock Community.

The concert starts at 7 PM
Advanced Tix are: $16 Adults - $10 Child/ Senior -
$45 Family of 4 (2A + 2Ch./Sen.)
Please call Will Brown @ 789 -5276 for reservations

Tix available @ Box Off @ 5:30 PM on Sept.26th
$18 Adults - $12 Child/ Senior - $55 Family of 4

Doors open 6:30 PM
Refreshments available at intermission
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Gridcom Has Appealed...
Bald Rock Group Goes Back to Court
for Scenic Views Vital to Maine’s Economy

Grassroots citizen action for
sustainable prosperity on the coast
saw a major victory recently,
but the battle is not over yet!

Wind power and wireless templates differ, but maybe wireless projects in Maine could avoid costly lawsuits by following the lead of Governor Baldacci's Task Force on Wind Power Development. Its February 2008 Final Report advised a collaborative “planned approach” – as opposed to “haphazard” – protecting Maine’s “treasured... scenic and natural resources.” It called for “the thoughtful involvement of Maine people in the permitting process,” and would “reward well-sited projects with expedited permits.”

Late December 2008, Waldo County Superior Court Judge Jeffrey L. Hjelm ruled against a cell tower proposed for the viewshed of Bald Rock Mountain in Lincolnville, the 1,200-foot summit in Camden Hills State Park overlooking Penobscot Bay.

The site was in the middle of a 180-degree panorama of a forest skirt sweeping from high ledge down to the sea, with an archipelago of islands in the distance. Other mountains share the viewshed, a major allure of the park, which draws more than 180,000 visitors each year from as far away as New Zealand.

Eleven townspeople, including me, filed an 80b appeal to support the Lincolnville Planning Board's denial of the tower permit for "unreasonably adverse impact" on a protected scenic resource. The permit denial had been overturned by the Town's Board of Appeals and the permit issued. In January, our Bald Rock Community group (BRC) celebrated the Superior Court victory reinstating the Planning Board decision. 

Our attorney, Lori Londis Dwyer, of Bernstein Shur, said: "The decision of the Superior Court Judge was a strong affirmation of scenic view standards, nailing the issues on the head. It respected the role of the fact finder (the Planning Board) and affirmed a municipality's legitimate right to protect its scenic resources through carefully crafted, detailed ordinances."

But it's not over... (continue)

Cash donations are also greatly needed and appreciated.

Checks can be sent directly to:

Bald Rock Community,
PO 892, Camden, ME 04843.

 For a tax deduction: make checks payable to NRCM and be sure to write "Bald Rock" in the memo section of your check.

National Resource Council Maine:
3 Wade Street, Augusta, ME 04330. 

You can also Make a donation on-line!


WE WON!!! (round #1)

The Waldo County Superior Court has reached a decision:

"... the court vacates the decision of the Town of Lincolnville
Board of Appeals
to reverse the Planning Board's denial of
Gridcom's permit application. This matter is remanded to
the Board of Appeals with instructions to further remand to
the Planning Board for entry of a denial of
that permit application."

Yes, the cell tower permit application has been
RE - RE - RE - DE - NIED !

More news to follow! But for now, let's just celebrate the moment.
We've all been working a long time to support
the Planning Board's decision and to keep the view
from Bald Rock cell tower free.

Thanks for your support BRC !!!

Prince Edward Island's Finest
Roy Johnstone and Steve Sharrat
The best Atlantic Maritime, and Acadian Music
Sunday, October 26th at 7PM
Unitarian Universalist Church: 37 Miller St., Belfast, Maine

Tickets: $12 at the door Refreshments available

Greg Brown Benefit Concert
Live CD in the Works!
Thank you, Greg Brown, for singing for Bald Rock

Internationally acclaimed minstrel-poet Greg Brown performed a benefit
concert for Bald Rock on Thursday, December 6, at the Camden Opera House.

A large crowd attended the event, and many people signed up to join the Bald Rock Community as supporters. They asked to be kept informed about the progress of our legal case against Gridcom and the 190-foot monopole cell tower the company intends to build just below Bald Rock, in the middle of the viewshed. We also received much-needed donations to the legal fund. We thank everyone who helped with or attended the event, and we give a heartfelt thanks to Greg Brown for his generosity and the good spirits and wry words about mindless development in inappropriate places that he contributed to our cause.

Read more about Greg Brown, the concert and the CD project...

(10/28/07) Bald Rock in a Nutshell, Updated:
A Summary and the Recent Legal Brief Filed in Court by BRC...

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Article on Appeal Hearing 4/26/07:

Lincolnville citizens absorb legal arguments, prepare for cell-tower debate
By Lynda Clancy 
VillageSoup/Knox County

Times Reporter


Bald Rock Community Meeting

Date: Wednesday evening, March 7th details


On Wednesday 2/28/07 the Planning Board denies cell-tower permit for the 3rd time!

Excellent Article:

Lincolnville denies cell-tower permit
By Lynda Clancy

Letter to the CEO of National Grid Wireless/Gridcom

Thank you to the 129 people who signed this letter!

See engineer's report on alternatives to this tower...

In a hurry? Here is a summary of the report...

Download our fundraising letter

Bald Rock Community is a citizen group, fundraising to protect the view from Bald Rock Mountain in Lincolnville Maine from a proposed cell phone tower.

(read our fundraising letter for more info)

Points to Consider

• We support improved cell phone service, but not at the expense of a vital scenic resource and our local economy.

• This proposed cell tower will only improve coverage for Unicel customers along a 4-mile stretch of Rt. 1 south of Lincolnville Beach (and a portion of the Bay). Other areas of Lincolnville and Camden will not benefit.

NEW! (click here) See the engineer's report, there are technological alternatives
to this tower.

• The Camden-Rockport-Lincolnville Chamber of Commerce opposes the location of this tower: “Communities through-out the United States have chosen [alternative technology] to help preserve their natural assets. Maintaining the unspoiled beauty of our region is essential to our visitors, our businesses, and our way of life.”

• When local and tourist related businesses thrive, an ongoing economic benefit ripples through-out the state, supporting businesses of all kinds, from auto shops to banks, farms to furniture stores, health services to graphic design.